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Ronan Tablantec


Yffic Dornic

Tronches de Vies

Madame Olivier

Le Hublot



Sea-port stories...
will be told at "le Fourneau" during the Brest 2008 festival

Faithful to its origins and Utopian ideals, the National Centre for Street Theatre, "le Fourneau", is demonstrating its support for the creation of imaginary and humane stories on the occasion of the Brest 2008 Maritime Festival.

The National Centre for Street Theatre, "le Fourneau" will welcome the following artistes to its workshop on Brest’s commercial port; the tender-hearted yet cynical Ronan Tablantec who is on tour around the ports of Brittany; the painter Râmine from Brest who will exhibit his impressions of dockside encounters from around the world; Yffic Dornic honorary guardian of "le Fourneau” and Mayor of the commercial port who will tell the tale of “Port de...”; Jean-Marie Grall and Michel Poulain who will present the exhibition “Tronches de vies”, portraits of remarkable nobodies from the Brest area and its related Internet site; Pierre-Henri Juhel who will project the trailer for his film “Mouktar” which was shot around the streets of Brest; Karine de Barbarin from the company “Madame Oliver” who will print portraits of the people who inhabit Brest Port and elsewhere... on cloth. Computer art will also be present on the quay with the show/installation “TouT Azimuth” by the company “Le Hublot”, which consists of a computer-aided meeting area as well as creations by the young winners of the first regional Computer Art competition “Numéri’Art”. Last but not least the Web citizens of Wiki Brest will invite us to discover their public virtual space.

We await the pleasure of your visit to the National Centre for Street Theatre, "le Fourneau “ from the 11th to 16th July 2008 to explore the region between the real and the imaginary.

Open every day between 3.03pm and 8.02pm Ronan Tablantec’s show is on 14th ,15th and 16th of July at 7.12pm.


Michèle Bosseur et Claude Morizur

Co directeurs du Centre National des Arts de la Rue, le Fourneau


Traduction : Deborah James