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How  can one person  help?

The Circus In Ethiopia Association is the product of individuals whose dreams are stronger than their apathy and their fear of the future.

Here is a fact:

Circus In Ethiopia is facing  a serious financial crisis
and at the same time learning to swim in the deep end.

How can you support the circus movement across  Ethiopia and its artistic expression worldwide?
How can you give this gesture of hope a future?


Invest in the Future -1

1- Contact one of the following organisations to express your interest in organising support or simply to appreciate their initiatives. These organisations have supported the circus directly or through their international network in the past:

- Your local Red Cross 
- Your local Save the Children
- Your local Oxfam 
- Cirque du Soleil (Amsterdam and Montreal)

For further information on how to reach these organisations: norval35@hotmail.com


Invest in the Future -2

Organise a fundraising activity in your school, office, with your friends. 
A car wash, a walkathon, a bake sale, a garage sale, a benefit show...


Invest in the Future -3

When the circus passes through your town, see the show, bring your friends. Purchase the hand made merchandise, make a donation to the group directly.

Tour Schedule 1999



Invest in the Future - 4 

Make a donation to one of the "Friends of Circus Ethiopia" charities in Canada or in Germany.




Freunde Des 
“Circus in Ethiopia”e.V.
(Tax deductible)



Friends of Circus Ethiopia 
[in formation]
(Your donation will not be deductible)
Hull, Quebec




Make a direct donation by transfer 
to Circus In Ethiopia
(not deductible but so much more simple!)

Circus In Ethiopia Head Office
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia









Here are the Facts:

-Circus In Ethiopia is facing  a serious financial crisis and learning to swim in the deep end. 

-Circus In Ethiopia has been supported by humanitarian organisations since 1991. Dutch Oxfam(Novib), Oxfam UK, Unicef, the Red Cross Movement, Cirque du Soleil, Swedish Save the Children, and private individuals have up to now generously contributed to the development of the Association.

- There are now 12 circuses in 12 regions nationwide, over one thousand youths, over 50 trainers and administrators, one Association. A Movement has been created.

- Performances are held on a regular basis in each city year long entertaining and educating the population about life saving health information and Red Cross Principles.

- The Association is  a volunteer movement intent on making a concrete contribution to the community nationwide through its popular  performances and its day to day work with the community youth.

- Local fund raising has proven to be insufficient given the economic and social  situation of the country.

- The role of International Donors is to  provide seed funding and relief. They support institutional capacity. They have succeeded in giving us a good start.

- International Tours have been developped on private investment and after 4 succesful years  are starting to provide some income.

- Local income generating projects are providing jobs for the youth in many cities.

- There is much promise in the future. We are coming closer to establishing the permanent institution the Association needs to be.

- The Circus In Ethiopia Association is the product of individuals with dreams stronger than their apathy and their fear of the future. 

- If you have appreciated and experienced the incredible will and hope these kids from Ethiopia express, if you feel inspired by this willingness of overcoming  the odds, be an individual and make a difference!









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