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The History

Everything began in a small way in 1991. 

The compound ( Vincent Muteau)Marc La Chance, a Canadian teacher at the international school in Addis Ababa, started things off. He organised a short circus program with children for a celebration held by the EthiopianJewish community. At that time he has no idea of what would come out of this. Most of Marc's group left shortly after the first performance when a change of government in May 1991 prompted the exodus of the  Ethiopian Jews community (Falashas) to Israel.  
Here is the latest news from the original members of Circus Ethiopia in Israel: Dispatch From Jerusalem - Life In Israel

But two months later, another project was born. Some children who had seen the first group rehearse asked to be given an opportunity! They juggled with stones and had the determination and energy to produce something big. Marc encouraged them in their training.  A group of young sportsmen heard about the circus, this new and little known form of culture in Ethiopia. The Circus and the sportsmen merged and Circus Ethiopia was born! 

One of them, Aweke Emiru is now the  Director of  Circus in Ethiopia and the Director of Circus Ethiopia in Addis Ababa. 

Marc La Chance 

40 years old 1959 - 1999
Born in Oxford, GB 
Graduate in education (McGill
University, Montreal) 
Teacher at The International Community School in Addis Ababa from 1990 to 1995.
"The children are the mainspring of the circus and maintain a surprising amount of constant energy. The school, friends and family gravitate toward their passion for the circus. An art that nourishes their soul, that gives a meaning to their lives... The show is a gift of the heart for everyone. The circus movement, because it is a real movement in society, is, in its history and its present development, a response to the needs and tastes of all those who participate in the show. The goal of the circus is to fascinate and to fill up with wonder."