The Lazy Kings
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   Maudits Sonnants
   Mobile Homme
   Les Tambours
 Ephemeral creations

naïve and urban fresque

Do you remember in your primary school textbooks somewhere between Clovis and Charlemagne the rule of the Lazy Kings, lavishly spread on a rolling canopy sculpted from solid wood ? In the present era of a 35h working week it would seem urgent to celebrate this state of physical or moral fallowness and transport the state of sloth to one of nobleness – certainly when we consider this is the mother of invention, of deliria and discovery.
Enter the court of these Nomad Kings, on an eternal holiday, confined to a kingdom without borders. Let yourself be embroiled by these “Trash Suzerains”. Follow their derisory quests in a life sized board game threading through the city which we discover in a much more exciting optic.

© O.Chambrial

The kings from here and there, of everything and nothing, penetrate the city gates on an intuitive quest. This large format spectacular is constituted by three pathways that cross the city from bit by bit. Crossroads become meeting points which all lead to an airborne finale on a non-encumbered site. The Kings and their court make the camp at the foot of the “Tree of Kings” situated in the centre of the site. The steel palms unfold, like a flower coming to life, lifting the Kings above the Vagaries of the city, booed and hissed by a sea of arms, happy to be touched by this naïve beatitude.



  • Majestic-scale urban and airborne nocturnal scenography
  • This show is always the object of an in-situ creation inspired from the urban topology, ethnic constitution integrating local volunteers
  • Gauge of public from 3000 to 30 000 persons
  • Duration : 90 à 100 mins
    • Three spectacular pathways each composed of two tableaux
    • Final on an non-encumbered site with the “Tree of Kings”
  • LX / Sound : Technical brief available on demand

2008 : Latin american tour

Culture Commune Scène Nationale de Loos en Gohelle, Ville du Mans, Bonlieu Scène Nationale d’Annecy, Amiens Métropole, Atelier 231 Sotteville-lès-Rouen, Ville de Bilbao, Festival d’Aurillac, Lieux Publics, Zap Art Brighton

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