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celestial carillon

A carillon is an ensemble of harmonised bells. Taking a part of the resounding power of the bell, the carillon is placed on a strategic high point to address a city or a quarter. With the « Celestial carillon », there is no need to build a bell tower. The orchestra of bell ringers is lifted, skywards, creating the event within the city, heard by several thousand persons without amplification. This associates a strong, musical impact and a powerful image.
Manipulated by a telescopic crane, we witness the evolution of this « musical chandelier », leading the movements of the suspended musicians. Valorised by a lighting system integrated into the structure, we see visual variations orchestrated by the music, enforcing the sonar atmosphere. The carillon evokes the childlike nostalgia of the reviled secret when opening a music box whilst assuring the vertigo of the funfair.

Imagine trestle stages in the middle of a crowd, weak from curiosity. Perched on their stages, embryos of the bell, the Maudits parade, each in his own universe. They tempt, by means of their exploits, to make their obsession tangible: time passes, each interval marked by the toll of the bell… till the moment of happiness when the Maudits come together and lift, slowly into the airs to join eternity, the space of an instant.

« With a riot of drama, action and sky-high music, the French arts troupe makes it clear for whom the bell rings » (LIFE! MAGAZINE)

Nocturnal and static show
Duration: 60 minutes
Lifting capacities necessary: 160 tonnes telescopic crane
LX: 68 pars 1000W, 3 rampages Sovboda, 3 follow spots HMI 2.5 Kw, 1 control desk 60 circuits
No amplification

Lieux Publics, Centre National des Arts de la Rue, Marseille, France
Bonlieu, Scène Nationale d’Annecy, France


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