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November 1997 - February 1998
November 13.
In support of the country-wide campaign, Circus Tigray performed songs and plays educating as to how parents should protect their children from polio.  Slogans on prevention of polio were also heard.  500 spectators watched the show at Kebele 13 hall.

November 29 and 30.
Upon invitation by TDA and the regional administration bureau for the Axum Tsion holiday, overnight music was performed during the two days to over 2000 spectators at Axum Hotel in the town of Axum.

December 2.
The city council of Adwa invited Circus Tigray which held a music show and a play conveying a health message about prevention of HIV/AIDS.  A drama about rehabilitating children from street lives was also performed.  4000 spectators attended the show at the Adwa stadium.
December 7.
To celebrate the opening of Kelamino vocational training project sponsored by TDA and the regional administration bureau, a music show was held to 650 spectators.

For the competition organized by Ethiopian Football Super League in Mekele, Circus Tigray held an overnight entertainment of music show at the Trans Ethiopia Hall, to an audience of 500 spectators composed of the community, friends of sports from the various towns of Tigray region.

On the occasion of the 5th. congress of Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), a music show was held to over 4000 spectators at the Housein Square.  Circus and music shows were performed at the closing ceremony of the congress in the presence of Prime Minister Melese Zenawi, regional presidents and other participants. 800 spectators watched the show at the Mekele municipality; the event won Circus Tigray a lot of appreciation and respect.

February 18.
At a Sports Festival held at the Mekele Stadium, over 10,000 spectators including officials of the regional sports commission, circus, music and a short play about the usefulness of sports to the society, in particular to the youth,  were performed.  The audience was very supportive.

February 21.
For a graduation ceremony at the Kelamino Vocational Training Center, a music show was held to 80 invited guests, among whom the Chairman of the Tigrai Development Association (TDA) and British nationals heading various projects.

February 27.
In the town of Massawa (Eritrea), Circus Tigray performed circus and music show to 200 spectators.  The Ethiopian Consul and officials of the Eritrean government were present.
February 28.
Over 5000 spectators of the Massawa community, Ethiopians and Eritreans, watched circus and music show.  Poetry encouraging parents that their children should be brought up in sports culture was also read, which the audience appreciated very much.