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November 1997 - March 1998

November 8.
Circus shows and dramas were held at the circus hall by the various groups; the main group, the B group and the circus school.  “Mastawesha” meaning rememberance, and a mime were performed by B group and circus school respectively.  The former was an educational drama for the youth on prevention of HIV/AIDS while the latter showed the lives of child victims of bad habits and advocating protection of children from theft, gambling and addictions of all sorts.  A circus drama on the use of condom was also performed.  350 spectators attended the event .  A problem was faced because of shortage of seats.

November 12.
In collaboration with health professionals and students from various schools, Circus Nazareth toured the town of Nazareth on a car playing music, singing and repeating slogans about health issues, the main message of which was the necessity of child vaccination.  Moreover, cultural music was played to entertain the public.

November 13.
In the presence of 3500 spectators consisting of health professionals, olympic gold medal winner athelets, Derartu Tulu and Fathuma Roba, students and Nazareth community, Circus Nazareth played music, communicated health messages through songs and performed an educational  circus drama entitled “Tesfa” meaning hope, propagating about the necessity of child vaccination, children being the future hope of a country. Adama stadium covering a very large area, a transmission problem was encountered because of the low capacity of the amplifier. It was however managed to finish the show.

November 30.
On the occasion of International cmpaign against HIV/AIDS, which is killing a lot of children and youth, also increasing highly the number of orphans, Circus Nazareth made a tour on a car of the main streets where a large number of youth also participated.  The tour was also supported by banners, a slogan “Let us protect our children in a world where the danger of HIV virus is spreading”and songs about prevention of HIV/AIDS.  Pop and traditional music were also played to entertain the participants of the parade and the community.

December 1.
On the occasion of International AIDS day, Circus Nazareth performed music, short plays and a circus drama educating that families not respecting a one to one relation will end up catching HIV virus, which will result in leaving behind orphans.  4500 spectators consisting of health professionals, students and the community attended the event at the Adama stadium.  A transmission problem was encountered because of the large area which could not be covered by the amplifier.

December 3.
On the International Day for the Disabled, 2500 spectators watched a circus drama entitled “Yeruk Hilme” meaning a far away dream.  The drama was performed by disabled members of the Circus,conveying the message that the disabled, can prove that they are capable of participating in social events, like any other member of the society.  Present at the occasion were students, deaf and blind children from Nazareth No. 2 school and numerous other disabled youth.  Circus show, songs for the occasion and music were performed. Banners in support of the disabled were also displayed.

January 10.
For closure of the 100th. anniversary of Ethio-French diplomatic relations, Circus Nazareth band rehearsed for four days in Nazareth to commemorate the culture and unity of the two countries and played music and songs from 1.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. to accompany  the parade from the top of Churchill Road via the railway station up to Meskel Square.  The parade was led by a symbol in the shape of a rhinoceros , name of the first train imported from France.  An estimate of 10,000 spectators watched the parade and the show performed by Circus Ethiopia artists at the Meskel Square. Diplomats, the General Manager and staff of Ethio-French railway Company, the French community in Addis Ababa and Ethiopian dignitaries attended the event.

February 6.
At a bazzar organized to strengthen the Red Cross Branch in Debre Zeit, circus drama communicating the aims and principles of the Red Cross was performed to 3500 spectators at sports field of the Lebne Dengel School compound.  A short drama entitled “Ambulance” educating the community about free ambulance services of the Red Cross was also performed.  Present were Debre Zeit community, the Red Cross youth Eastern Shoa Red Cross office.

February  13.
For a fund raising event to strengthen the Red Cross activity  in Nazareth No. 4 Junior High School and that of the Red Cross office, and in collaboration with Eastern Shoa Red Cross, various circus shows were held by the Circus artists wearing T-shirts of the Red Cross emblem and a short drama “Ambulance” was performed.  1500 spectators among whom students and teachers of the school, the Red Cross youth and the community watched the show.

March 7.
Circus shows were performed by the various groups of Circus Nazareth, the B group, circus school and street kids.  450 spectators composed of the community, families of children, the Red Cross Youth and an artistic group called “Save Your Generation” were present. A message was conveyed educating the audience that street kids are also members of the society, needing support and assistance

March 8.
In collaboration with Eastern Shoa Women's Affairs Bureau to celebrate International Women's Day, Circus Nazareth band played traditional and pop music, circus performance conveying a message about the equality of women and their economic empowerment.  600 spectators attended the event at the Nazareth City Council, the audience being composed of Heads of Nazareth City Council,  Eastern Shoa Women's Affairs Bureau, Representatives of Kebele Women's Affairs, a large number of women from Kebele 20, women working in bars, offices, women health professionals,elders both men and women and young boys and girls.  The organizers of the event awarded Circus Nazareth a certificate of appreciation.

March 28.
At Nazareth Meskel Square, 8500 spectators watched a circus show conveying a message about rural and urban development, the need for active participation of women and the youth in the prevention of draught.  Regional officials, chairman of Kebele 20, students, factory workers, peasants and Eastern Shoa Police Headquarters attended the event.