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October 1997 - March 1998

October 9
On the invitation of Jimma Zone Administration at a general assembly of the intelligentsia, a drama entitled “Fetan” was performed to 1500 spectators at the Ghibe Hall.  The title of the drama means  fast control and educates about quick treatment of diarrhea with ORS.

October 10.
The Shoe Shine theater was performed to 1000 spectators at the National Theater in Addis Ababa.  Shoe Shine performed by Circus Jimma won first prize at the Windybrow festival in South Africa. It was at the National Theater that Circus Jimma was awarded its prize by the South African Ambassador to Ethiopia.  Ambassadors and other invited guests were present at the occasion.

October 18.
A fund raising event to construct a house for Tsegaye Zeleke, an injured acrobat of Circus Jimma, was attended by 3000 spectators at the Jimma Comprehensive High School.  The entrance fee for students was Birr 1.00.  The perfromance consisted of music, circus show and a helath message about prevention of HIV/AIDS.

November 9.
To generate income for the same cause (construct a house for Tsegaye and cover his medical expenses), the event of the day was organized to determine the winner of a raffle.  Circus and music shows including a health message about immunization against polio, were performed to 2000 spectators.  The audience was crammed because the hall could not accommodate the flock of people who came for the event.

November 13.
On the occasion of the campaign for vaccination against polio, a parade in support of the event, circus and music shows were held and health messages about prevention and immunization against the disease were conveyed.

November 1-10, 29 & 30.
To celebrate Jimma Expo 90, circus and music shows communicating health messages about immunization against polio, were performed to a total of 10,000 spectators during the first ten days and 1600 audience during the last two days of the month.  Circus Jimma was able to replace its low capacity musical instrument with that borrowed from Circus Ethiopia.

December 9.
At a question and answer session organized by Radio Fana in oromigna in Jimma Comprehensive High School, circus and music shows were performed to 1000 spectators.  Health message about immunization against polio was conveyed.

December 21.
The above shows and health message were repeated at the Jimma Health Science Institute.  Unfortunately, the shows could not be completed because of an unexpected torrent of rain which damaged the musical instruments since there was no time to collect them.

January 7.
At the 3rd. congress of Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) in the presence of President Negasso Gidada, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and regional Presidents, a 45 minute circus show was performed to1000 spectators.  The audience was highly entertained by the show, as a result of which a gift of Birr 5000 was obtained.  Discussion was held among the Administrator of Jimma Zone, the Director of Circus Jimma and government officials about he establishment of the Circus, its future plan.  Officials were satisfied with the discussion and the request of land was accepted.  Instruction was given by both Ato Kuma Demeksa, President of Oromya and Dr. Negasso Gidada.  This resulted in Circus Jimma obtaining 8000 square meters of land within one month,which was very good news to all members of Circus In Ethiopia association, the community and friends of the Circus.  It can be said that January was a month of happiness and achievement.

January 11.
On the occasion of an event held in Jimma Dil (Victory) stadium, upon the invitation of Jimma Zone Administration, circus and music show were performed to an audience of about 18,000.  Present were guests invited from the various administrative bodies, i.e weredas,  Kelels and the Jimma community.

January 15.
For celebration of Education Day, Circus Jimma was invited by Jimma Elementary and Junior  High School where it performed circus and music show  to 1500 spectators.  Prior to the show a question and answer session in Amharic and Oromigna took place.The circus and music show were both educational and entertaining.  The expenses of the show were borne by the school which also awarded a certificate of cooperation and gratitude to Circus Jimma.

January  28.
To an audience of 1000 spectators at the Meskel Square, on the occasion of Ethio-Swedish Trade Fair, a musical dance entitled “I love Ethiopia” produced by playwright Abate Mekuria and circus show were performed by Circus Jimma in cooperation with Theater in Development (CAMA).  All related expenses were covered by the Swedish Embassy.

February 6.
In the presence of 1500 spectators mainly students, circus and music show and a short play about prevention of HIV/AIDS were performed for three hours.

February 7.
For a graduation ceremony and to an audience composed of guests invited from government and the private sector, families of graduates, graduates and the campus community, circus and music show were performed to a total of 2000 spectators.  The audience was very pleased and expressed its admiration about the high standard of artistic performance which Circus Jimma has attained.  The Circus is striving to make further progress.

March 14.
On the occasion of the Oromo Peoples Democratic Organization (OPDO) day, Circus Jimma was invited to perform circus and music show at a Kebele hall  to 1000 spectators,  most of whom were guests from the rural areas.   Circus art being  new to the majority of the audience, it made a very big impression on them.

March 26.
Upon the invitation of the regional administration bureau for OPDO annual holiday, Circus Jimma performed a 50 minute music and circus show at the Jimma stadium to a very big audience of 20,000 spectators.  The small capacity of the sound system not being able to reach such a big audience, Circus Jimma was able to obtain a bigger sound system from Circus Ethiopia office in Addis Ababa.  The show was very successful and the Circus was awarded a certificate of “an admirable participant”.

At the celebration of the above occasion in the town of Agaro, 15,000 spectators watched Circus Jimma's performance, to the great appreciation of its audience.  The organizer made a gift of Birr 1,000 as a token of great appreciation by  the audience.