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October 1997 -March 1998

 October 18.
In support of the country wide campaign against polio,a circus show was held and health messages were communicated about the harms(?) of the disease and the precaution to take to prevent it, and the means by which HIV could be transmitted.  Over 10,000 spectators watched the show at the Meskel Square where the Heads of Health Bureau and the Ethiopian Red Cross spoke about the dangers(?) of polio and that its prevention is the responsibility of the community. Both the convenient venue and the large audience which could be assembled due to repeated announcements on the mass media contributed to the success of the event.

 October 19.
 In the town of Akaki, on the occasion of country wide campaign for immunization against polio, 10,000 spectators watched the show educating the community about care to be given to polio victims, prevention of polio and HIV/AIIDS.

 October 26.
 For the same campaign, 4000 spectators watched a circus show and health advocacy messages at the Chefe Meda, Ledeta area. The health messages were about precautions to take against the attack of polio and care that should be given to those attacked by the disease, and the ways by which HIV/AIDS is transmitted. Disturbances were caused by the neighborhood children since there was no police help but fortunately, the messages were communicated well before the incident happened.
November 1.
Another show was performed to more than 5000 spectators mostly children in an elementary school around Emmanuel hospital  Messages about health problems caused by polio, precautions to prevent it and transmission of HIV/AIDS virus were communicated.  Questions and answers obtained on polio disease showed that the children have quite  good knowledge about it.

November 2.
In collaboration with the Health Bureau, a show communicating health messages about polio and its prevention ,a drama on HIV/AIDS were held for over 3000 audience at the old airport area.  The audience's participation in answering questions regarding suchhalth issues was good.  It will be very useful if more of such events could be organized in future to educate the public.
November 4.
The Europe Tour 1997 show was performed to OXFAM U.K. officials and staff, who expressed great interest and appreciation   The event has contributed to strengthen the already existing good partnership between the two organizations.

November 9.
At Ganmeda in collaboration with Zone 4 Bureau, the same show and health messages were performed to an audience of 3000 spectators although more people should have come if it were for the Bureau's campaign.  Another constraint was because of the large and windy space, banners could not be kept in place.

November 13.
For a trade fair organized at the exhibition center by the Addis Ababa Chamber, Circus Ethiopia held a circus show and made an exposé in support of the country-wide camapign for polio vaccination.

November 15.
At an event sponsored by Redd Barna Norway for the neighborhood community of its project branch in the Ararat area, 7000 spectators watched circus show and health messages about prevention of HIV/AIDS and polio, and care that should be given to such victims.  A question and answer session was held after the performance.  The audience being composed mostly of elementary students, they proved to have good knowledge of polio disease and the need for vaccination against it.

November 16.
7000 spectators gathered at the Meskel Square to watch the Addis Ababa marathon competition.  Present at the occasion were Sports Commission officials and supporters of sports.  The audience was very appreciative of CE's circus show,  its health messages about prevention of polio, HIV/AIDS and the support that should be given to such victims.  An exposé was also made about the country-wide campaign and immunization against polio.  A difficulty was faced to install tents and banners on the asphalted space but could however be managed to put them on a truck and taxis rented to transport the children to the show place.

November 28.
At the invitation from the Swedish School, Ce performed a circus show to 150 spectators at the school compound.

November 29.
On the occasion of the establishment of a radio club in Kokebe Tsebah School, Ce held a music show to 600 spectators at the school compound.

December 4.
A fund raising event was organized by CE for Tsegaye Zeleke, an injured acrobat of Circus Jimma.  The 1997 Europe Tour show was performed to an audience of 700 at the National Theater.

December 7.
At the invitation of Zone 5, Arada (piazza area) and in support of polio vaccination week, messages were conveyed about immunization against polio and care to be given to its victims.  A drama “Kewti Ketero” meaning an unfortunate rendez-vous, and educating about prevention of HIV/AIDS, was performed.  Although the wind and the uphill location of the venue made the installation of banners difficult, a solution was found by changing the direction of their installation.  Moreover, three big speakers fell down because of the wind, but fortunately no damage was caused.

December 14.
A circus show, the importance of immunization against polio and the drama “Kewti Ketero” were performed to 1500 children of the Abebech Gobena orphange.  The children participated actively to questions asked about health issues.  The event met its objective in entertaining and familiarizing the children with circus art as well as educate them about health.

December 28.
On the occasion of an atheletic competition in the Aware area, over 7000 spectators attended a campaign supported by banners explaining the importance of immunization against polio, other child killing diseases and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

January 10.
For the closure of the 100th. anniversary of Ethio-French diplomatic relations and in collaboration with Oposito, a French Company of street theater, a parade accompanied by Circus Nazareth music band was conducted by children of the circus school and street kids program in late afternoon, from the top of churchill road via the railway station up to Meskel Square.  Spectators assembled on either side of the streets to watch the parade.  At Meskel square, circus and music show were performed by the main group of Circus Ethiopia.  About 10,000 spectators attended the show.  Present were  Ambassadors, government officials and donor agencies.

February 19.
At the Ambassador Theater, Circus Ethiopia performed its show produced for its tour of Australia, France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, to 2000 spectators.  Present were   invited guests composed of diplomats, officials of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society, the International Committee of the Red Cross, government offices, donor agencies, families of circus children and the Addis Ababa community.

February 21.
The street children group and the circus school band held a musical show to 400 spectators at the Almaz & Family Children's Center.  Invited guests from the Ethiopian Red Cross Society, the Oromya Social Affairs Bureau and families of children attended the performance.

February 28.
At an inter-faculty sports competition at the Addis Ababa University, 5000 spectators, lecturers, students and the university community attended circus and music show.   At an occasion where renowned Ethiopian singers  were also present, Circus Ethiopia's B group show won a lot of success.

 March 16.
At a “Future of Oxfam in Africa Conference” held in ILRI (ex-ILCA) compound, Circus Ethiopia's B group was one of the Circuses which presented a circus show conveying an educational health message about prevention of HIV/AIDS. The audience was  about 100 composed ofparicipants of the conference and invited guests.

March 22.
For a  fund raising event organized for National Society  for the Disabled, a circus show was performed by  the B group at the Exhibition Center to 800 spectators in the presence of the Executive Committee of the Society.